Shawn Dohmen’s iDcard – Great Savings at the Palm of Your Hand

Saving money has never been more important especially in these financially trying times. From discount coupons to group buying sites, people will always try to find ways to save up on their purchases.

Enter the id card. Brainchild of young entrepreneur and self-styled Cheap Executive Officer (CEO) Shawn Dohmen of Isle Discount in Honolulu, the iDcard was conceptualized and introduced in the area way back in 2010 to help both merchants and buyers.

What is the iDcard?

The iDcard is comprised of a large exclusive network of retailers, restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and other commercial establishments in Hawaii, Nevada, and New Jersey that offers major discounts on services and goods. The discounts can be claimed by people who own an “iDcard,” which would also signify their membership to the network.

What do the business owners and local entrepreneurs get out of this set up? First off, they get valuable free advertising. All iDcard sponsors get a chance to be featured on the network’s website, partner promotions, and official mobile apps for absolutely no charge. These sponsors get to choose how much savings they would like to offer customers. They also get to retain 100% of all the income from the publicity from iDcard’s networks.

Those who want discounts from these establishments can purchase an iDcard. Unlike other discount cards, an iDcard is valid not just on the calendar year itself, but for a full year starting from the date of purchase. It can also be reused over and over again unlike one-time use coupons. The iDcard comes in a wide variety of customizable designs and can be personalized with the owner’s name in embossed print.

The iDcard Today

Back when the iDcard was first introduced in 2010, people thought that Shawn Dohmen was crazy for coming up with the idea. They told him that it just wouldn’t work. But nearly four years later, they are proven wrong. WIth a little help from Carlos Asuncion and Randy Graham, Cheap Development Officers (CDO) of the iDcard venture, iDcard has now grown into one of the most extensive discount networks in Hawaii, with thousands of sponsors and affiliated establishments in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island. It has also expanded into two other states, namely Nevada and New Jersey.

Some of the businesses that support iDcard include Kincaid’s, Menchie’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Makani Catamaran, Ewa Beach Golf Course, Germaine’s Luau, San Lorenzo Bikinis, and Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. The amount of discounts depend on the establishment, and often range from 10% up to 50% off on most goods and services.

Where can I get an iDcard?

Idcards are available for purchase at the Isle Discount official online store ( for $40. Shipping is free! The cards are expected to arrive one to two days after purchase. Customers can choose from the many colorful designs that are available on the site; they also get to specify the name that will be embossed on the card itself.

Aside from the official online store, iDcards can also be purchased at a discount through the various fundraisers that iDcard and Isle Discount supports.

Why get an iDcard?

The iDcard is pefect for loyal customers of the establishments that are included in the iDcard discount network. Aside from discounts on goods and services, iDcard members also have the opportunity to receive freebies, join promotions, and be featured on the official iDcard social media pages.

Whether it’s eating out a restaurant, staying at a hotel room, renting a car, buying souvenirs, or surfing at a beach, iDcard is here to help people save money. It’s convenient and easy-to-use; just look for establishments with the iDcard sticker, and present the iDcard when making a purchase. All the affiliated establishments and shops can be found on the official iDcard website at or

The iDcard works on the premise that being able to save money, allows people to spend more on the things that they love. With that said, the iDcard is one of the best investments that you’ll ever make this year. At the price of just $40, you can potentially save hundreds and even thousands of dollars just from shopping at your favorite establishments and stores alone. Not only do you get to save money, you also help out the local businesses in your area.

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